Misleading Icons

The icon does not certify that the supplements are made in a GMP verified factory. Don`t fall in this trap.


VeriGMP core focus is to make sure the customer receives exceptional quality supplements made in their GMP company.


The customers feel safer after seeing the VeriGMP logo and take the decision easily without hesitation. Now or never!

Customers' trust over anything

VeriGMP focuses entirely on providing the ultimate quality of supplements. The health of a human is the greatest treasure, for which avoiding low quality unverified supplements is advisable. Always go for verified high quality products even if they are a bit expensive, never compromise the quality of supplements.

Fake GMP icons

You probably have seen the GMP icons on supplements. DON`T FALL FOR THAT! The logo can be made by only spending a few dollars. There can never be any guarantee of the supplement being made in a GMP certified factory.


What is third-party verification?

The VeriGMP icon increases the credibility of the business and faith of the customer in buying the supplements. The customer decides his step of buying after verification, after which it’s now or never situation.

Awaring customers regarding business credibility

Solving customers query about GMP certification

The first step towards customer awareness.