FDA Does not test Supplements. We do.

According to a 2022 nationally representative survey by Consumer Reports, one-third of Americans say they think supplements have been tested by the Food and Drug Administration for safety. (source)


This is a falsehood perpetuated by unscrupulous Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMO) and brands. FDA does not inspect or approve any supplements or supplement manufacturers. In fact, its a bad omen if you see a brand claims any of the following:

  • FDA Tested
  • FDA Inspected
  • FDA Approved
  • Using FDA Logo

The FDA rarely visits CMOs without someone complaining about their product. They visit non-registered factories more frequently than those that are GMP certified. Yet, even if a factory is inspected by the FDA the factory is not allowed to use that in their advertising. They can’t even advertise “we passed inspection”. FDA does not approve of supplement factories, they just disapprove.


Consumers Want Sellers to Ensure Quality!

According to UL, Pew Charitable Trust, 71% of consumers thought retailers should be responsible for the safety and accuracy of supplements. (source)


Supplement manufacturers can be categorized into four groups:
  1. Highest quality (20%)
    GMP certified for >3 years by NSF and UL
  2. Medium quality (10%)
    GMP certified for < 1 year by NSF and UL
  3. Low quality (30%) – No GMP Cert
    Unqualified factories, cutting corners, resulting in adulterated supplements, limited QA
  4. Worst quality (40%) – No GMP Cert
    Lawless enterprises, falsifying records. Intentionally making fake supplements


Worst Quality: Breaking every regulation possible

Many scam operations now have their hands in making money in the lucrative business of selling fake products online. They have contracted with supplement factories mainly in India and China with only 4 main ingredients: White, green, brown, and yellow colored powder. If they want to sell fake CoQ10 then they simply color their white rice flour with yellow color.
If they want to sell fake Alfalfa for example, they add green to the mix. If they want to sell herbal supplements, they mix colors from a brown powder to represent those.

Despite how the supplements look visually, the supplements could have little or no actual active ingredients. The product may not even have any ingredients stated on its packaging at all!

What Is VeriGMP®?

VeriGMP® is a proposed quality certification and communication service.

How The VeriGMP® Quality Control System Would Work?
  • The supplement brand would hire VeriGMP® to collect a sample from their CMO
  • Depending on production volume VeriGMP® representative would collect about 6 to 12 units (bottles)
  • VeriGMP® would survey the facility and fill in a report, they would take pictures of the entire production lot, make sure the entire lot was still at the factory, review production records, scan production records and then finally submit a report to the brand owner via VeriGMP®. 
  • The supplement would be shipped to the most appropriate quality control laboratories. 


*The list of QC labs includes Erofins, Dyad Labs, SORA Labs, ARL, Alchemist Labs, NJ Labs, NQAC Nestle Labs, Micro Quality Labs, and Merieux Nitri Sciences.
  • If the brand passes, then it would be cleared to advertise their product with the VeriGMP® trademark and with cooperation from Amazon would get ranked higher in Amazon’s search results.

Major Brands are Refusing to Openly Report Substandard Brands

Quality brands have been attached with black hat negative reviews after naming brands selling fake supplements on Amazon. Major brands are therefore fearful of retaliation.

Major Brands Alerting Major Universities

Major brands are banding together alerting major universities to research this quality problem on Amazon and publicize it in mainstream media.

Most in the industry know that Amazon is awash with adulterated products, they just don’t talk about it because they don’t want to be retaliated against.

However, it is becoming clear that all brands, even the honest to God good ones need to emphasize quality above all else because when the news hits that majority of Amazon supplements are fake or adulterated, they need to prove they are up to potency!

What is needed in the supplement industry above all else is a system that enables consumers to trust brands again. This is now completely absent. VeriGMP provides an excellent solution!

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