Did you know that Amazon sellers often copy the formula that reputable brands sell?

It’s very easy, all the ingredients are required to be stated on the label.

The copycat brands are great at creating labels but that’s where it stops. They are not so concerned about making quality supplements. Often the capsules contain no active ingredients and evade Amazon insufficient quality control processes.

It’s easy to avoid Amazon’s quality control. The copy-cat brands simply purchase a bottle from the more established brand and rebottle it into their own bottle with their brand name on it and send it to the lab.

Then they get a “good-looking” COA that they then enclose with the fake products that don’t come close to meeting label claims. Amazon then distributes this good for nothing supplement to the American public.

Question: If Amazon has confirmed many brands submit falsified COAs then why is it that they trust brands and non-GMP-certified CMOs to pick their own samples to submit to labs?

Ideally Amazon should only accept COA made from testing a sample by a 3rd party that actually picks the sample up from the CMO. But how would such a test be conducted when you cannot possibly trust the CMO? You lend a page from the cannabis industry!

VeriGMP® has plans to offer this pick up service to laboratories, CMOs and brands. VeriGMP® will also test 1000s of supplements already on the market so the consumers will have assurances about what they are wanting to purchase.

Samples From Non-GMP Certified CMOs Need to Be Picked by the Lab

Cannabis regulations enacted in many states state that the samples collected from manufacturers need to be picked by the lab and not by the grower of the plant. In a similar fashion, a non-GMP certified CMO or an Amazon seller should not be trusted to select what sample to send to the laboratory. Just like the cannabis plant parts sent for testing in the cannabis industry are clipped off the plant by a lab representative, the laboratory should be the ones visiting the CMO factory, observing the conditions and selecting samples to be shipped to the lab under the control of the lab.

It is clear as day that no CMO that is not GMP certified be allowed to pick their own sample to send to the laboratory. Most CMOs that operate without GMP certifications manufacture substandard products that don’t meet label claims. Many of them simply bottle capsules and tablets made in China and India that are imported in bulk in many different colors, yellow, gree, white and brown.

The laboratory should send a representative to the CMO who will document the working conditions, observe the warehouse, look at production records, photograph and scan everything, including all the pallets of finished goods, then pick 9 to 12 bottles to take to the laboratory. Once in the lab a composite sample is made by mixing all the ingredients from all bottles collected. This will then become a representative sample that will be tested for potency.

However, if a factory is already GMP certified for over 3 years they should be allowed to collect their own sample. This is because they have continued to be audited for the last 3 years by one or two certifying agencies.

Enable Those That Test to Stand Out!

“We are not saying Amazon should test every lot they carry, no! They should simply allow brands that do the correct sample collection and testing to be able to stand out. Rank proven quality SKUs higher!”

What is needed in the supplement industry above all else is a system that enables consumers to trust brands again. This is now completely absent. VeriGMP provides an excellent solution!

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